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Disaster Recovery & Storage Management - Certified Courses delivered by DMI Institute
CDPS - Certified Data Protection Specialist - Certificação Internacional em Disaster Recovery

Ref# CSI038Nº Horas: 12 hNº de Dias: 2 diasHora de Início: 10hHora de fim: 17h30m
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CDPS - Certified Data Protection Specialist - Certificação Internacional em Disaster Recovery



Objectivo Geral


Those tasked with disaster recovery planning and business continuity planning seek to prevent avoidable disasters and to find ways to cope with disasters that cannot be prevented.  Given the dependency of modern organizations on information technology, these activities focus increasingly on the replacement of key IT infra structure resources - such as networks, servers and storage components - and, perhaps more importantly, on the protection of the organization"s most irreplaceable asset:  data itself.





OBJEcTIVos Específicos


After completing this 2-day professional development workshop, participants will be certified to:

·         Initiate a disaster recovery planning project, establish a phased project to analyze and address recovery requirements, to create effective strategies for disaster avoidance and business continuity, assess options for system, network and storage infrastructure recovery, design a data protection strategy, and formulate and validate strategic plans

·         Develop data protection strategies that can be justified using business metrics such as cost savings, risk reduction, and business enablement and that have been proven to work in real world recovery scenarios

·         Audit existing disaster recovery and business continuity plans and develop strategies for evolving those plans to provide continuity of operations as the organization"s needs change and grow





The CDPS program is designed for IT professionals and individuals tasked with disaster recovery and business continuity planning.  While some content is of a technical nature, it will be presented in terms and language familiar to business as well as technology practitioners.  The training is also appropriate for financial managers, auditors, and other non technical management or staff who will be involved in planning.






There are no prerequisites for this training, though familiarity with data management techniques and best practices gleaned from TPI/DMI"s Certified Data Management Professional training program would be useful.





12 Horas




Conteúdo Programático

1 -    Day One:  The Disaster Recovery Project

·         The first day of the workshop focuses on the mission, objective and methodology of disaster recovery planning and data protection.  Participants will learn how DR and BCP projects are initiated and best practices for executing the development of a recovery capability.  The training will emphasize the formulation of a business justification for planning, and will then walk through procedures for conducting needs analysis, criticality assessment, objectives building, and requirements specification.  Participants will discuss strategic options for infrastructure hardening, redundancy and replacement, testing methodologies, and change management.  Discussions will be illustrated with case studies of actual disaster recovery scenarios.


2 -    Day Two:  The Data Protection Capability

·         The second day of the CDPS workshop will drill down into the most critical aspect of business continuity:  data protection.  Trainees will learn many fundamental technologies and techniques that are typically used to protect against a loss of access to data and a loss of integrity of data itself.  From time-honored backup to synchronous and asynchronous mirroring to leading edge techniques such as continuous data protection, trainees will become familiar with the growing range of technical options in the data protection spectrum.  A scenario based hands-on workshop will be conducted to provide trainees with experience in matching selected data protection strategies to specified recovery time objectives and business requirements.


·         An examination will be administered upon completion and trainees will have the option of meeting informally with trainers to discuss specific issues in their environments.

Horário: 9h30 às 12h30 e das 14h00 às 17h00

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